Paris : Colette : My2007


finally has some time to upload some photos of the Paris Trip, went all the way to paris from taiwan, the transfer and stopping and customs take like 20 hours for flying to the other side of the world. It was a very nice trip and seeing COLETTE in real life is very different than just shopping in their website, its my first in this store and its very cool and HUGE, SARAH did a great job on the buying for the store and the traffic is trenmendous! I think the last time i saw this kind of traffic (we are talking about weekday! ) is in BUSYWORKSHOP – Bathing Ape , (Harajuku, Tokyo) but you know what, this is even crazy, because we all know the peeps stand outside BAPE is reseller, and the peeps line up in  COLETTE are USERS!  Anyways, few more shots in here.

Its been a very busy trip and in paris, we finally meet up our friend in BELIGUM, ILOVEYOURT-SHIRT  I have knew David from ILYT since last year and he has been very nice and carrying WRONGWROKS in Belgium for us, he drove all the way with his crew I LOVE YOUR T-SHIRT TV, Hans, 3 hours drive from Belgium to do this interview with me in Colette and be the only TV reporter in Europe to report this exhibition, thanks a lot David!

One Response to “Paris : Colette : My2007”
  1. Aaron says:

    You are a lucky guy, iloveyourtshirt is the best t-shirt website … (David is the founder ? it’s him with the camera ?)

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