check out the new BANG! (June issue), which we did a collaboration with BANG! magazines, a special version mousepad! there is 3 styles produced in this issue and the chances to win our mousepad is 1/3 ….. good luck! its a new appearance of the NINJA DORA! Enjoy!

Daniel @ Damag3

today went breakfast with my buddy Daniel@ EL KARTEL, the top clothing store in Vancouver…on robson, we did a collaboration together last year “FAKE CELEBRITIES” (yeah thas him in the photo) hairy…. check out his website for up and coming collections, this guy is dope and one of the hottiest to watch out!

Doradimon Phone Strap set

here is a preview, it will be available soon ! it will be hitting the world’s top store FIRST…so stay tuned…for the exclusive….