SoftBank – Pantone

we have seen this one before we head to japan, and today we are lucky enough to catch their new flagship store and displays…its very crazy! it will be great if user can have more than one color at a time! (or its not really achieving the “Pantone” concept)…


Barry Mcgee aka TWIST is having a show in WATERIUM MUSEUM in Tokyo (around Harajuku/Ayoyama) area, it will be up from 6.2.07 – 9.30.07, so don’t miss it, if you are in Tokyo at this period of time, you should check it out, the last one we have been is in 2005 in New York’s … Continue reading


didn’t see AYA for 2 years…. she is the owner/founder of BIRDO FLUGAS Gallery in Sendi, Japan… she curates shows from international or even independent artist from Japan. Check out her cool works and gallery space. Some of the gallery books and cards from pass exhibitions! Thanks Aya! its a very pleasure experience to meet … Continue reading