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Little Ghost (小鬼)

Little Ghost (小鬼) is a famous and very popular Taiwan artist, what he do? check out this video… we have kinda did a crossover at the 100th BANG! magazine cover, where he as the cover boy and i did some graphics and patterns on him, it has become the best selling issue ever in BANG! … Continue reading

Toy2R – Simpsons!

Raymond from TOY2R, a very smart/creative artist/business man i admire, he has bought QEE to another level in these years, look at the “SIMPSONS”…. finally met him in the TTF today and he is a very nice guy, i told him i really like the simpsons…. i got 2 simpsons from him and he said … Continue reading

TTF – Day 1

TTF (Taiwan Toy Festival) finally starts and the line up scared all of us this morning, the first kid was like 6 hours ahead the show time! its so excited to participated in such a huge show, the last time i went to toy show it was like 2003, i was like other kids lining … Continue reading