Winson Ma from BROTHESWORKER…. a gift from winson… the toy is his newest production for the toyshow….BRAVO! Famous writer/MC Mickey Wong from Taiwan visited us today… also got introduced to RYOTA san from 8-STYLE , Ryota is very very nice and gentle guy, give me one of his famous icon polo shirt for present, thanks … Continue reading

biggest collab

the biggest collaboration will happen soon at the end of this year… stay tuned..

“Open Chan” !

Today we’re invited to join the 7-11 character launching party.. the “open chan”… “Open Chan” (its not pronounced as chan, its “zhan”, Japanese) is a new character created by Japan’s 7-11 head company, it will be launched in a few weeks, check out the figure and also the live size doll!

Lunch with T/T @

lunch with T/T from BASARADAN, this is my 2nd time meeting him, he is a very good friend and always have great ideas about collaboration, looking forward for the projects T/T!!

autograph session at TTF

Thanks for coming! the Taipei Toy Festival Crew!


In Taipei’s summer, there is a very weird phenomenon, no matter its very sunny at the day time, in the afternoon, it will have a huge SHOWER for few hours and then get sunny again….