Last Night, Party at TTF

its been a really good time at TTF, seeing lots of people, meeting new friends, its a very good experience to me, thanks for everything guys! i will see you guys again next year! Here is some photos from the party! Kito san (from Devil Robots) was totally drunk and been drawing all nights on … Continue reading

Jay Chou

our friend Jay Chou has a up-coming new movie at the end of july… it will be the first time Jay director as well acted in the movie, stay tuned! also our new tees, the collaboration with SUMMIT and BASARADAN, will be available at his store PHANTACI, as well! thanks ChanYi for modelling (LOL)…  thanks … Continue reading

Stars at BASARADAN booth

we got DEVIL ROBOTS (TU-FU)! Little Ghost (小鬼) ChanYi… Mickey Wong and WRONGWROKS!

Night Market in Taipei

visited the biggest night market in Taipei, saw some real funny stuff, check it out.. biggest Takoyaki balls ever! another “Fortune-Cat”, by this time by Winnie the Pooh…. LOL Meet the DORAEMON (the REAL doraemon !) Collector in Taiwan, Mr. LIU, he has been invited to different TV shows to show off his collections… sick!

United News Group Taiwan

few days ago got invited to do an interview and talk about the history about my brand and art, to the one of the biggest newspaper in taiwan, the United  News Group, Taiwan…  (catch it this sunday or saturday if you in Taiwan)

you guys are plastic.

“im not a plastic bag” , but you guys are…