WRONGWROKS going to wimbledon? Nah…LOL…

you know sometimes you will go to like staples or like video store and then you get to see like cheap videos on the sheleves and for AGEES you always looking at the same one and you never really buy it coz its cheap and its old and it probably will not looking food..thas why its on the shelf and making people buy it….and sometimes u wonder why they do it…and today, i picked up this copy, WIMBLEDON…i have no idea when is this from and no reviews have read it… BUT.. there must be a reason for me to pick up… yes…my fav. KIRSTEN DUNST…. she is just lovely isn’t it? (don’t even guess, there isn’t a Kirsten Tee coming out… LOL)

and you know what? its actualy a very good movie! its always excited to see sports like you know games (like real games but then its got a story beside its…) its very good and you know bonus points on it coz KIRSTEN is in it, but hey, you should pick it up…because i think its worth watching, although its old, but man, its 6.99…. i bet u did get turn down when u pick up some new movies and end up its disappointing….

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