Edison is doing so well (despite those freaking paparazi u know) in his clot thing of bloggers around the world…check out what he got for us to read..yeah..honeyee is getting bored isn’t it..feel like everyone is handing in homework now move your ass to this one…

in CLOTBLOG, you can read the following artist, (some from asia, some from other places around the world, its just very worth to read, like you can easily spend an hour or 2 in clot blog just reading different artist blogs….enjoy..nice job, edi!


famous offical photographer for CLOT and EDi, the HARLIM….

DJ TOMMY (that reminds me i was there watching Tommy scratching disc in the finalazy of the LMF in 2003)

VERNIE (well this is Joel Chu, but Vernie took it) well..whos VERNIE? he is the up risiing MV director i like the most, he shoot the following video…check it out the TP WON…feat. nigo..

One Response to “CLOT BLOG”
  1. Johnny says:

    Awesome! Creative, direct! I luv the lyrics and the scratch disc too!! Esp. the lyrics. ^^

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