without Candy Magazine, there is no WRONGWROKS today.

yeah it might sound a bit serious or overwhelmed, but its the truth.

back to 2006 (well just a year ago…LOL) while WRONGWROKS slowly selling prints and t-shirts, RICHARD SEABROOKE, the founder and creative director of CANDY magazine, email me and asked for an interview (read it here if you never do) … and since then, WRONGWROKS started to get more and more attention and then it becomes what we are today…

the 2nd anniversary issue, as usual collaborated with IDN magazine, featuring the following aritst…

50. Aidan Kelly. Alan Clarke. Andrew & Chris Judge. ALLCITY. Allison Leach. April Gertler. Asbestos.Bob Dob. BRENB. C100. Chloe Early. Clíona O’Flaherty. Conor&David. Frankenstyles. Greg Dunne. Helvetica / Gary Hustwit. Ice Cream For Free. James Jean. Jeremyville. Keith Shore. Jesse LeDoux. Jon Burgerman & TADO. Kanardo. Laura Levine. Lili Forberg. Loveworn. Marie Louise McCabe. Noel Bowler. Oliver Jeffers. Patrick O’Brien. Peter Evers. Philip Dunne. Phunkstudio. Richard Gilligan. Reginald de Coster.Rekal. Serial Cut. Stanley Donwood. The Designers Republic. Third Eye Design. Tiffany Bozic. Todd Hido. Toygiants. Two Faced. Wes Trumble. Will St. Leger. Wrongwroks. Zoogloo.

One Response to “CANDY2nd”
  1. Elaine says:

    Where and how could I buy the Dorabob T on line?

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