Doradimon HITTED!

ok, back home again and its time to launched the new tees and the doradimon set in WRONGWROKS website..sorry guys, tons of email asking when is this launching on the web, not COLETTE or Toy show or is it! grab it!


sometimes i rather bad things happen before the good ones… we have a very good dinner in this resturant that KENJI bought us to, the O TAISHIO!  well. thas the good things, here is the bad things…. the crazy thunder storm wake me up like 6 in the morning and i thought its going to … Continue reading


too tired to upload the blog and here is some pics,  nothing much its not like my first time in the big apple but its hectic as usual, its beautiful…the night scene… and with some funky chinese x hiphop = DIMSUM in rip. DMC! AND! what’sup with the little apple….when u get the little apple … Continue reading