stay awake as we will have 4-5 ONE OFF (yeah it means just one of a kind) collages silkscreen of the kate moss and LAST SUPPER SERIES, all ONE OFF with mixed media..very nice stuff, don’t sleep on this!

nana & id

Nana want to play around but im kinda hectic today so she is kinda pulling off …. u know.. pick up the WAD magazine, and also the new ID, with very nice photography on cover by TERRY RICHARDSON, with the theme “COUPLES” on this issue, also with few pages interview, (indeed very detail) from AARON … Continue reading

Mexican Breakfast

Felipe from EL KARTEL, and Daniel my hommie from DAMAG3 meeting at Felipe’s house for the MEXICAN breakfast…thanks Felipe cooking this thing for us , spicy with eggs and beans inside the crepe…very nice… thanks Felipe!

Special interview in TTF at BANG AUG issue

its out in the lateest BANG MAGAZINE AUG issue… if you can read chinese, get inside and read it! it was the public interview with famous MC in Taiwan Toy Festival…