received this today and its one of my fav. Singer all time, the EASON chan… he is going to have another concert around end of OCT… Check that out!


well i don’t know since when, but most likely i start to shooting clouds after the Tofino trip…i like how dark and how fancy it is…

Tofino Trip Part II

some more photos from the trip i went last weekend… we visited this very nice resturant on the island and everything is very well designed, except the main course is kinda… but the appetitzer is GREAT, this is the YAM FRIES.. the desert is great too… the resturant call SHELTER, google it yourself , its … Continue reading

Geoff Dermer / KITSCH

didn’t see Geoff for a real long time, i think the last time i talked to him like in person was like last year…anyways, we going to rock with some new gearrrrrr…. so stay tuned… FYI, Geoff is pro skater since 9 yrs old, and representing Canada…. to everywhere… he runs his own skateboard brand… … Continue reading


hey guys, welcome back NAT for modelling our new fall items and access, its online now, check it out some logo tees and caps and glow in the dark doradimon tee!