New Image Art Gallery is the most popular gallery in California…they have exhibit the best work in town like FAILE, SWOON, NECKFACE, Obey, VANs…and way more… me & MARSEA GOLDBERG, the gallery owner and director….without her, LA’s art scene will be bored…thanks MARSEA for bringing us so much fun! (behind is a WALL piece by … Continue reading


no. not me, VANS SKY exhibit at NEW IMAGE ART GALLERY ! billboard everywhere in LA, ( i took it when i was in LA 2 days ago), this particular one by MARCO ZAMORA, google him on the web…his work is sick and very contemporary… new exhibit work with DEREK ALBECK  & MARCO ZAMORA (collaborated … Continue reading

Jay Chow – I’m Busy

our collaborated buddy Jay Chow has just came out with this new album….call IM BUSY..

Vancouver Fashion Week

meeting day for VFW… another showtime, see you guys tonight at 7, Vancouver Fashion Week – WRKS – 11.4.2007. 7:00pm, 304 Dunlevy St. Vancouver… my assistant for the show, Wei-Ting.

Georgia Straight

the first time i read Georgia Straight was like 1998.. when i was still going to High School , last week i got an email from the cheif editor CHARLIE SMITH asking for an interview, i was flattered..anyways, its a nice talk and very cool to have it featured on the fashion/style section, thanks Charlie. … Continue reading