so it will be out in a week, stay tuned!


finally received this book from MOCA ….the MURAKAMI book from the show that happening in MOCA right now…until Feb 11, 2007…

5 Panel

Carmel Macchiato always the only drink i will order from Starbucks, and i found out various locations have different “taste”…sometimes the coffee that trying to wake u up can actually make it a bad day….(u know what i mean..) but this one today from Robson st. was a good one! some 5 panel cap finally … Continue reading


HK’s up & coming hiphop group FAMA, (check out one of their music video here , featuring the yellow dora tee in the music video…) has just released their new album yesterday! check it out…!

UDN(聯合報) . Taiwan

featured in UDN newspaper . Taiwan (聯合報)