A.P.C – Daikanyama by Masamichi Katayama

Masamichi Katayama from WONDERWALL , is my fav. architect/interior designer of this decade…Masamichi just did a new renovation for A.P.C in Daikanyama district in Tokyo..

The reason behind Wonderwall’s success is perhaps it’s consistently innovative architectural designs. The raw unfinished fixtures are balanced with the light hardwood floors providing a pleasant shopping experience.

Each room provides a different theme and story with the gateway to the store coming in the form of a garden.

2 Responses to “A.P.C – Daikanyama by Masamichi Katayama”
  1. Lee Dale says:

    I dig the interior execution, but I’m not a fan of the storefront.
    For something that at first glance looks like it was structured on a grid and using rectangles as a motif, it’s messy and inconsistent. Though it might also come off different in person, depending on the depth of each section in relation to the others.

    Love the garden gateway.

  2. onur esmer says:

    good designer,good job.

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