Will you pay $407,000 for a graffiti wall?

well, someone just did it, BANKSY, the world’s up and coming, most expensive (well yet) , last year Sotheby’s auction house in London auctioned three Banksy works, reaching the highest ever price for a Banksy work at auction…. and now,this becomes another story. This British graffiti artist has just did something as usual, (well painted someone’s wall annomusly…), but this time, the landlord of the wall, well actually he owe this place, and he knew how $$ banksy worth… so he is selling his wall with BANKSY ‘s graffiti on it…..yea..

The owner of a building in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood where SIR BANKSY put up one of his recent bombs late last year has sold the mural on eBay for a record $407,000 USD. The catch? The painting is STILL on the wall and the lucky winner must now pay to have it removed and relocated. We can only imagine that this is the wave of the future as incredibly lucky “recipients” of Banksy pieces realize that auctioning the walls of their offices and homes can raise enough cash to pay off the buildings they adorn. No word at press time as to whether an armed guard stands watch over the piece pending its removal…

info from SUPERTOUCH..

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