pick up Juno‘s new album (HK), their promotion and press saying this is a FULL canto-pop tracks album cd. I listened a few and read the lyrics and the photos and DVD.. (they trying to create something like a movie and songs and themes…etc) which is really good actually! I mean i know canto-pop is superficial or its just sound all the same (to some people) but i think what the audience (HK) can accept now is all canto pop which songs that you can sing in the Karaoke places… if the song is not a hot track at karaoke places, your album probably died…and you might need to worry about if there is another album coming up….

Face the truth, canto-pop is the mainstream and thas the reality, its a very narrow audeience group and all that but thas just what it is, and trying to hard to be ROCK or whatever is just making yourself looks “different”(you know what i mean…) to me, its good i like all kind of music as long as thas interesting and entertainment, well i mean thas what music for (to me) and if you cannot entertain or interesting at all…what is the point? (im not trying to say canto-pop is the only music) but the fact is.. there is nobody gonna invest time or money or both to educate them now, look at taiwan or china market, its not what it is and we all know why…

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