Streetwear Today Magazine

STREETWEAR TODAY MAGAZINE (international styles) , based in Germany, it comes out quarterly released mainly in Europe and some major cities around the world, this issue features the theme “Ouality over quanity”, cover with Eddie Cruz from Undefeated, Union & Stussy LA.
WRONGWROKS has being choose as one of the feature brand on a full spread. (page 26, issue 01/2008)

click here to read the full spread. (real size)

ps. thanks cover photo taken by Sofi from Donuts (UK)

3 Responses to “Streetwear Today Magazine”
  1. Lean says:

    Thank you for this post and information!
    I really like streetwear magazine!
    I’ve visited today this urban fashion site. I really liked it! Maybe you will too, it has some very cool and artistic t-shirts and hoodies. Streetwear is the best !


  2. Thanks for bringing this street-wear mag to all those (like me) who didn’t know about it yet. Keep up the good work!

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