Gloooooooooooomy Day

its been sunny allllllllllll week long and suddenly its so glommy today… Squarepants is kind of gloomy too, i guess even the new W’donald cap cannot really cheer it up… Advertisements

Spongebob bape milo cushion

bape ‘s spongebob doll arrived today..i didn’t know bape has made some new shopping bags…it looks cool! i actually quite look this new pattern they have made into shirts, hoodies and all kinds including this paper shopping bag, (well i can’t believe they actually mailed me with this bag either…LOL) its HUGE… the size is … Continue reading

Hi-Crown Chocolate

a brand new chocolate imported by Fujiya (located near Vanaible st.) the box and package itself looks totally like cigarette boxes (but not those ones we have seen) you can just bang it from the middle, it tastes totally awesome, this is DARK flavor, they also have the milk choco flavor…