Curiosity / Sterotype

i didn’t watch a Hong Kong production movie for awhile…esp these kinds…which typically named as “Lousy” movies… so what made me actually bought this DVD, to be honest, because of all those pretty girls on the cover, yeah im very superficial excuse me.. you know like when you see some magazine cover with pretty girls, … Continue reading

One Off monster zip

those who missed the 2nd/3rd time of the Monster Zipup, we will have this one back on the online store  but this is NOT the normal ones, all these ones are ONE OFF, which means one style only got 2 sizes, M/L , online in 3 days.

Plaid hooded shirt & Wind Breaker

2008 WRKS gonna have more than basic t-shirt wear…. this is up and coming Plaid hooded shirt … and also a all black fucking exclusive edition wind breaker which made in high quality.. stay tuned…