Johnny Rockets VS In-N-Out

had a chance to went down to Seattle and first time ever trying this JOHNNY ROCKETS out, im not too sure if you guys have tried it or not, but its my first time, (i believed this “original” hamburger is not a new thing) trying this resturant.. and it gave me the feeling of “In-n-out“… (ok i just been their web to link this up, and even the intro music is like SO “sound-a-like”…

so basically they both served very minimal food, well IN-N-OUT serve just burger and files, and some pops, but Johnny does serve like a wide ranch of drinks and onion rings and shits,, lots…u know.. (but to be honest, the onion rings and fries are just ok, nothing compare to the fries in IN-N-OUT)

so why im comparing them? as u know im a big friend of in-n-out, its almost one of my reason flying down to either Las Vegas or L.A to take a bite, but here you go, if u lived in Vancouver or Richmond, now this is a closer spot…well im not saying its AS GOOD AS in-n-out, but hey, VERY CLOSE, its very good burger, im not too sure about “original humburger” but i will say its very good and it does has the similar burger experience of in-n-out.. so try it out!

they are located in the I-5 highway, exit 169, 45th st. drive all the way down to the University Village where Apple Store are, then you will see the big sign , like a big rocket outside…sorry i forget to take a photo of the outside but you can just ask around…HAVE FUN!

One Response to “Johnny Rockets VS In-N-Out”
  1. Andrew says:

    Being from the Midwest, I had In-N-Out for the first time ever today. I never believed my West Coast friends when they said how great this magical chain from California was until about two hours ago when I had a Double-Double and animal style fries. I’m a believer now.


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