its old stuff but hey i just got this copy today from the ILOVEYOURTSHIRT crew, thanks David! Yes, finally you made it! thanks Hans from ILOVEYOURTV (All the way from Belgium!) who edited it…its an interview i did in COLETTE from the MY2007 exhibit last year, enjoy it

Mastermind Japan – Masaaki Homma on TIMES magazine

Recently Massaki Homma got interviewed by TIMES magazine and here i have uploaded the whole interview here and i think really worth reading, it actually meant something no matter you in fashion or art or nothing, it just worth reading it. “If given a thousand dollars, a young Japanese consumer wouldn’t spend it on a … Continue reading

Jordan 23

has been LOOOOONG time not picking up Jordan series… to be honest, you know what i mean, when you see every possible shoes that MJ…well Nike has made, its kinda blowing away, Jordan + airmax, Jordan runner, Jordan package, Jordan blah blah blah…its just too overwhelming , and i have seen collectors quit collecting since … Continue reading