Ricoh R8

received quickly my Ricoh R8 camera… i think images are more sharp and more handy then the LEICA Lux-3…  stronger LCD, stronger zoom…. totally agree right?

LV bags selling at street vendor stand?

Super Japanese Pop artist Takashi Murakami, popularly known as the Warhol of Japan, Mr. Murakami, 46, has earned an international reputation for merging fine art with popular Japanese anime films and manga cartoons. Intent on exploring how mass-produced entertainment and consumerism are part of art, he teamed up with the fashion house Louis Vuitton in … Continue reading

Aki Hoshino x YONE

Japanese famed photograher YONE recently has an opening reception of his newest photo exhibition in Taipei… feat. AKI HOSHINO, the girl we all loved…(while she only loved sneakers apparently..) showing huge photographs… and some books and cds that YONE did… mini polaroids that YONE showed in all his exhibits, i got a full set of … Continue reading