Aya Takada / Birdo Flugas

meet up with AYA TAKADA , the director and owner of BIRDO FLUGAS in Sendai… nice food, but we ended up with 4 dishes and they all about tamago…..


nice stuff at UT

some photos in Tokyo

i passed by the dessert floor in ISETAN….and i saw my fav. Cream Brule… there are some other things but i didn’t really like it… but the display is so decent right? sometimes i see things that remind me don’t OVER-DO something, not everyone can fit into BLYTHE i think…Poor Jun… hmmm…..i’m not too sure … Continue reading

Ebi Mcdonald…

mc wrap, look at their package, what about ours? (actually we paid more in vancouver)

bape invaded our mind even when we on the train

Play Mario Kart with Aki Hoshino…


so i have been quite hectic and didn’t have time to upload and blog it u know….. i was passed by Shinjuku (south side) JR station and i saw this store so i went inside (i was attracted by the identity) its cool huh? (sorry i don’t know what this called…) No doubt that Japanese … Continue reading

New Caps

although our crews are out of the studio, we are releasing these sick caps in a few days….stay tuned.. i will upload and write some more tonight, busy days checking out places and meetings, stay tuned…