Murakami meets Bape

Bape finally opened in L.A…

well this post supposed to call BAPE OPENING IN LA…but LOOK! (quote from SUPERTOUCH, they said this..

” (we’re gonna assume the Louis headband is real)…”

look at how happy murakami is, and how BAPE he is…hmmmmmm

while Nigo has covered up to get more press, murakami STILL laughing happily, guess what this guy said about this photo this time…

” Laughing all the way to the bank…”


can you believe even MIKE TYSON gonna wear bape, look at nigo’s face, he seems kind of scared.. he better protect his ears, looks like Mike gonna have some action…

yeah, still murakami, this photo we can see how much bape murakami is rocking… (i think you know why im showing this photo because it shows the KEYCHAIN!)

im done!

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