Tiffany Godoy @ WRONGWROKS

well if you have been reading my blog or you know about Harajuku Fashion style like Bape, Undercover, HF, Visvim stuff…you must know her, TIFFANY GODOY.

Tiffany has been a fashion writer in Tokyo for 11 years, she wrote fashion styling and report for magazine like VOGUE JAPAN, Studio Voice Japan, V, Composite etc… and more….and the book STYLE DEFICIT DISORDER which i mentioned abit eariler in my blog…is what made her standing up on the stage…

a book about the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo has become an international style mecca, a street-level fashion scene prowled by major designers looking for inspiration, and whose local, cutting-edge labels enjoy global cache. Style Deficit Disorder is the first book to explore this remixed, fast-forward fashion hotbed, profiling its most daring and influential designers, labels, stylists, and shops (including Comme des Gar ons, Hysteric Glamour, Super Lovers, A Bathing Ape, and Laforet). Featuring nearly 200 photos, essays by key Japanese fashion editors, and commentary by Edison Chen, Patricia Field, John Galliano, Shawn Stussy, Shu Uemura and others, this is a must-have, insider’s look at an international fashion and pop culture epicenter, past, present, and future.

we finally meet in the harajuku cafe and Tiffany will be writing something for our up and coming book and being one of the model for the “soon releasing” summer collection (in a few weeks) Stay tuned! ( the new kate mesh cap will release in few days, 2 color ways…)

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