Red Heart @ Yahoo Taiwan!

our Red Heart tee is burning sooooo hot now,, its feat. in the front page of Yahoo Taiwan again…. cope yours now if you still haven’t get it, coz not much left in stock! check here for the story! (sorry its chinese again…)

hot pot in June

its like winter again in vancouver, its like 11 c today…. so we went hotpot yeah in JUNE, i guess its the first time having hotpot in June in my life….!


a very good show by KAY… (i know i posted too much about her already sorry!) take good care and hope to see you again !

Dorabob by KAY TSE

a special edition drawn by KAY (when she drawn that eye, she said its how EASON CHAN looks, LOL) … possible for a new tee ? Im glad u like tee goodies….!