English Bay . Vancouver

Vancouver is the best living city in the world… everyone taking a weekend off and just chilling and relaxing under the sun (we don’t get to see our sun that often you know lol) here we are, english bay! the last time i came to English Bay i guessed it was like 2005? i think … Continue reading

Bond No.9

today picked up the BOND no. 9 Perfume from NYC… whats so special about No.9 is that, (well if you know it well enough please correct me) they got very special scent in each particular style, and each style is named after some st. or district in NYC city, like downtown, uptown, chesela or whatever, … Continue reading

Louis Vuitton x Richard Prince

it is a great collaboration for this season’s Louis Vuitton collection….the way Richard Prince turned LV into something messed up, printed wrong, is very WRONGWROKS, today finally see the real thing…..the mistaken printed ones on speedy…… great !


twice a year’s BRAVE ART is in town again, hosted by Ayden Gallery…. some excited pieces, including famed SHEONE from London, done this caligraphic furniture series with local brand name furniture store INFORM… besides the usual great art pieces, this year i found out about Dave Barnes… he did lots of detail work and all … Continue reading

Alpha is Back

one of my best friend Alpha ARThooor is back! Welcome vancouver, alpha, im glad we can hang out again lol.