see here :  (updated 2/5/2011)

lots of email these 2 days….god, email server is full….so here is the deal….

loads of emails coming to us talking about this “famous” (for?) Korean band, BIG BANG wearing a serious so-called original clothing called COLONIZE is ripped off , well not ripped off but totally copy from WRONGWROKS and calling themselves original FANZ club tee….i guess peeps are very mad and emailing us about this…. well i guess lots of people know about this, and i think eventually, this koream big bang boyz club will know about this….

good luck!

21 Responses to “BIG BANG with Colonize = FAKE WRONGWROKS”
  1. Korean80 says:

    Big Bang’s Hit single “Geojitmar” is apparently fake copy from FreeTempo’s Hit single “Sky High”

  2. WKC says:

    You must know the truth. BigBang’s Hit single “Geojitmar’ is not the fake copy of FreeTempo’s “Sky High”. Japanese company which takes charge of Sky High’s copyright revealed that BigBang’s song is not the plagiarism. It is the obvious fact. Please erase your P.S. I want there is no misunderstanding between two songs anymore. Thank you for reading this.

  3. fff says:

    “Geojitmar” is apparently fake copy from FreeTempo’s Hit single “Sky High”.FreeTempo KNOWS THAT TOO.

  4. Park says:

    Excuse me, did you even read the comment properly?
    It was OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED that it isn’t a plagiarism. It is the truth and there’s nothing more to argue about. From which source are you insisting that “Geojitmar” is a fake copy of “Sky High”?

  5. iloveygbb says:

    wait, what is wrongwroks?
    do they have like a website and what not?
    so colonize copied them?

  6. sputnik says:

    Big deal companys especially clothing companies always get their ideas from another company. Look at the whole ice creams thing. You will live.

  7. ming xue says:

    does anyone know where i could get one?

  8. Zombie says:

    big bang needs a new coordi real bad. solely because of those shirts.

  9. BB says:

    Actually I think U should thanks to BIGBANG, since I saw BIGBANG were wearing those Tees and I was trying to search those Tees, then finally I got U!!

  10. meh00 says:

    @BB: No. they shouldn’t thank you. They’d probably prefer you wear the colonize one, and not the real original one.

    Also, I think the issue is more with colonize (straight up copying the shirt design) than big drop the whole so and so copied song thing. Flipping songs around is quite common in Asia– often the record company strikes a deal to let another use the samples.

  11. kookimebux says:

    Hello. And Bye. 🙂

  12. ssup says:

    so… colonize is the fake shit from wrong works?
    is colonize a korean brand? it’s interesting that theirs stuffs r highly demaded and priced in korean now. it is so popular now that at least koreans won’t believe colonize is the fake. why aren’t wrong works guyz claiming for it?

  13. ssup says:

    hmm… there’s actually few difference between the images of wrong works and colonize…
    i’m not sure how this is gonna be.
    why ppl gotta talk abt bigbang anyway?
    this product appears everywhere in korea recently.
    as far as i know, big bang is a hardworking group,
    and they know abt fashion.

  14. Gar says:

    lol bigbang dresses like faggots most of the time

  15. den says:

    Can you please leave big bang out of this? sure they may wear colonize, but are they the ones ripping wrong wroks off? no, colonize are. you can only blame them for not knowing that colonize, a brand most koreans wear, was a rip off of wrongwroks.

  16. Maruli says:

    I see there’s a hot conversation going on here.
    First of all I’d like to say that, same as many ppl wrote, I knew bout this brand WrongWroks thanks to Bigbang.And someone said once, there’s no bad neither good publicity, there’s just publicity…otherwise Kate Moss would never be where she’s now…I was looking desperately through the internet cause I saw in one of their concerts these tees with a sketch of the back of doraemon in them. Inmediately I fall in love with the design and I was googling them like “doraemon t-shirts concert bigbang…” (you can imagine :S) After reading hundreds of posts, I glimpse someone’s comment about where u were able to buy those shirts (please, take in mind that I’m from Spain, and it’s quite difficult and rare to be up to date in fashion coming from such far away countries; korea,japan,canada,etc) I also saw lots of pics with korean celebrities wearing that designs…When I entered Colonized website I was so happy that I began to look for that brand everywhere, cause I wanted one t-shirt,and the easiest (and for me the only) place you could find it is by e-bay. Once in ebay I saw a shop where not only Colonized shirts were sold, but also WrongWroks, and the designs, despite of their huge similarity, where noticeable different—> Look at the foot of doraemon, or the cap he’s wearing. In my mind came up a doubt…which one is the real? Are them the same? How come two brands have got the same design?
    Well, that’s when I came across this website…first the superbored and then the wrongwroks…aaaaaand finally I read this article.

    If u have read to this point thank u very much…

    What I want to say to evrybody, and also to the creator of the brand, that I don’t know his name(I hope he could read it)is that is not Big Bang’s fault or korean idols or celebrities…obviously Colonize has took advantage of the good marketing of Doraemon design and has modified it for their purposes. Apart from Doraemon, Colonize has HelloKitty and Ultraman designs (the same concept of their back views). It’s true that WW has the original idea, and so that they should claim liabilities if they consider so, but Doraemon is a character created by Fujimoto Hiroshi & Motoo Abiko, and consequently it has a copyright, too. Is not the same WW is doing with doraemon what Colonize did with WW in some way…?

    After that, my decision is not buying any of those, no Colonize, neither WW. I don’t like wearing copies, but I do not like wearing a brand who blames a music band of copying neither.

    Maybe when I visit Vancouver in the future, I’d go to WW shop and have a look around. For now, I’ll buy Spanish clothes, they’re cheaper, easier to get and they are not fighting for the designs…

  17. Teukidae says:

    um I know that it’s horrible to plagarize but I got sumthin to say. there are many other celebs wearing this design. May I ask WHY da hell are you guys so against big bang? Cmon! Big bang is probably giving u guys more business by wearing the design. Also if it is such a big deal, y not sue COLONiZE for stealing ur designs?
    Also on top of that, many celebs probably don’t even know that wrongwroks exist, which is probably why they settle for colonize. Besides most of the time they wear whatever their stylists give em so u should really blame big bang or any other celebrities.

  18. Na says:

    oh. .. very shamed . don’t do that, again …. T_T

  19. sangouk says:

    oh my god!!!!! there are big bang !!

  20. 저 한국인이에요 says:

    Hi!i am korean gril.
    i can’t English well.
    becouse i am young and english is difficult to me.
    anyway, i am sorry about copy by colonise
    many korean can not know fault of colonise
    U&I inform everyone about colonise is not real.
    only wrongwroks is real brand. i know that.

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