4 New Tees

Yellow Dorabob Heart will be up on the 31st… as well as the 3 other tees…including WRKS x Camilla x BAXBEAR EVERYONE STEALS NAT IN TAIWAN – WRKS edition Nat on WRKS.com Tee

Mona Lisa on GREY

for the first time, we have Mona Lisa Ripped Off on Grey shirt, available 7. 31 stay tuned.

Carlotte Cynthia Walton @ El Kartel

Check out the new exhibit at El kartel, this new female artist from victoria island ! Her name is Carlotte Cynthia Walton. different kinds of paintings, various sizes and some huge die-cuts…very cool stuff from Cynthia.. a nice piece on Luke Ramsey, sorry, i already picked up this one…!