Aya Takada & Toru Morooka

TORU & AYA visited the Studio today… TORU (MORE ROCK) drew something for me… (thas me?!) To recap, TORU’s work are everywhere in Japanese magazines, like Studio Voice, BRUTUS, TOKION…etc.. he then drew me another one..(check out the eyes and nose, serious appearance) TORU , Me & Aya Takada @ Birdo Flugas

Interviewed by Fairchild TV Vancouver

had a great time with Emily at the Interview , thanks Emily and thanks MEI for the photos and preparing everything, thanks!

Zaru Udon

had Zaru Udon today…. i prefer cold udon rather than hot ones….and with the memmi source (you can buy it from normal japanese supermarket)… and dip it with the cold udon….! its REALLY GOOD! esp in the hot summer days!