Neighbourhood Savage Jeans

hmmmm…. sometimes don’t say “I will never buy that xxxx brand”…. got this small pouch bag for cameras…just 27.00….. some big spending but on this very beautiful jeans, i have heard that Neighbourhood made the best jeans in the market but i never agree until today… the SAVAGE lots of nice details…. fold it up … Continue reading

Boneyards @ Vancouver

visited Boneyards today, they got some really nice jeans, and shirts in today…. Vancouver doesnt have much going on (most of the time) today is their last launch (Group 3)… thanks Ami for serving us along! Boneyards has been a great success, with street brand STUSSY and high end fashion japanese brand Neighbourhood, collaboration producing … Continue reading

Interview for Korean & Colonize

his name is Cozy, a Korean in Vancouver… i don’t know him, but he knows lot about me, about WRONGWROKS, he read my blog everyday, and he know something going on with Colonize and WRONGWROKS, he ran to me few days ago while i was hanging out in Gas Town…. he wanna do an interview … Continue reading