did WRONGWROKS made a magazine cover? hmmmmmm, not really well last year we did a cover for BANG’s 100th  issues and collaborate with Little Ghost (小鬼)…. but thas not our OWN cover… this time we gonna make it, a million bob cover with FUNS WANT magazine…stay tuned!


another trip….see you guys in Taipei again, like how many times i have to fly Taipei in a year ? =P

Nana 3rd Years Old !

look how happy is nana with her “cake” (just for her looking…sorry nana you cannot eat human’s food)… she is 3 yrs old now! YEAH! see, nana found out she doesnt even get to taste the cake, now she is being cocky as usual !


super nice sunday…we went out to have barbeque at the Boundary Bay Park…just by the states… work hard ! Play hard ! =)