did WRONGWROKS made a magazine cover? hmmmmmm, not really well last year we did a cover for BANG’s 100th  issues and collaborate with Little Ghost (小鬼)….

but thas not our OWN cover…

this time we gonna make it, a million bob cover with FUNS WANT magazine…stay tuned!

2 Responses to “WRONGWROKS x FUNSWANT Magazine”
  1. alan says:

    I like this… Sponge box version. so cool!

  2. Shirley says:

    hey, tony!! this is shirley (helen’s sis)! =)
    i am now in hk and shopped around at 11after11 but couldnt find any hoodies nor zip up hoodies >< & they are all sold out online too!! will there be any new zip up/hoodies coming later??
    btw, i really like ur products!! very nice n cool! n couldnt believe you have worked with 小鬼 before!! how is he like?? ^^heehee, i used to watch him on 100%entertainment
    (you can reply me on fb/email, looking forward to see ur new hot products!) ^^

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