Du Du !

our model for the next series until the fall…her name is Du Du !

鼎泰豐 (Din Tai Fung)

its actually my first time eating 鼎泰豐 …. although i have been hearing about it for pretty long time but just too busy to go there and line up ….but this time we really wanna try the legendary DIN TAI FUNG ! 小籠包 菜肉蒸餃 元盅牛麵 they have shops EVERYWHERE in the world, why not in … Continue reading

Men’s Non-No Taiwan Interview w/ 黃子佼 @ UNDERCOVER

today we at the UNDERCOVER TAIPEI for the first press of the trip… Men’s Non-No magazine in Taiwan call M’S STYLE… meet up with 黃子佼 (micky wong), the last time i met him is also at UNDERCOVER TAIPEI and i was kidding about we can just meet up in here for the next time, next … Continue reading

Xi Man Ding

lunch with my crew at 西門町 Xi Man Ding… wow! i think this one is better than my Wolf-Cosplay Fortune cat display! This one wearing blings like Pharrell & Nigo’s ! I think im so outdated now..

Taipei Street Scene

Taipei’s street scene has been growing quickly in these years… hmmm…let me try to explain this, today (14th) is their GHOST FESTIVAL, every shops and homes are having some foods, snacks and drinks to let the Ghost left their home/store etc…and everyone is burning REALLY big infront of their stores…. Taipei street scene…!