Rhyme it like get robbed !

check out the lockers in the subways… first. second. LAST! read it with Cantonese or Mandarin.


got a day off and we went to 九份, a place kinda far away from Taipei…. its a very nice place up on the hill with old houses, and traditional Taiwanese food to eat and we just walked around.. old houses got cut off, YEAH, just like that, cut it off… immediate cooked Doraemon pancake…hmmm … Continue reading

WRKS interview at MUSINSA magazine KOREA

as i mentioned before, i have did a interview with a Korea based media, here you are… thanks Cozy for the interview and time… 지금 전 세계는 패러디의 열풍이 불고 있다. 영화, 아트, 브랜드… 다양한 분야에서 “새로운 아트”라는 창조 하 에 기존의 이미지를 뒤틀고, 찢고, 붙여서 창조에 창조를 거듭하고 있다. 패러디, 레트로, 복고 라고 명 … Continue reading