stinky hot pot

after 6 hours of meeting, we have dinner together again at the STINKY HOT POT place.. it smells kinda bad but actually not stinky when you eat it…its pretty good !


our first collabo with STAY REAL. NO2GOOD 不二良 showing the collabo shirt we did, this time we have this printed on STAY REAL’s shirt, stay tuned coz it will be very limited online. For this ultimate black tee version. Me and Kea trying to persuade Jubie getting the GR digital…. LOL

Comme de Garcons x H&M

polka dots….!!! MORE DOTS! yeah ! MORE! With the upcoming H&M store opening up in Tokyo, Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo has been chosen to do a line consisting of women, mens and even kids clothing.Im very pleased to see the sneak preview as the Polka-dots are what i was hoping to see in … Continue reading

Nike Dunk High Supreme

went to Jay Chau’s PHANTACI yesterday and pick up this… the Nike Dunk High Supreme Olympic version… super nice… and thanks Shawn from Phantaci for the super deals !

Night market

what is real ? is this fake? but they got the tags and everything ?