My lovely Goyard has created a set of trunks exclusively for Assouline with a suggested retail of $20,000 USD. Available through Assouline.com. white is so sick… black….speechless… i really wanna get them but 20K ? How many tees are there ? LOL…

REAL street wear

look this is what REAL street wear like. This guy works in a ice-cream counter and he made little ice-cream into the nike caps like collaboration, and he is selling ice-cream on the steet, this is real street wear, real nice, and check this one out… he sell ice, and again he made a custom … Continue reading

night market

check this out, kids at work! in the night market! Mario pixelized keychain, this is so cool ! check this out, what is those little thing on the girl? Mole (痣) placement ! its really hot in Taipei and everyday i need to have ice for dessert at the end of the day (sometimes twice … Continue reading

New collection photoshoot w/ Du Du @ 東區 / 台北

today had 4 hours shootin for the coming up new collection at (East District) 東區 a long day but it went really well, lots of people watching everywhere we shot but Du Du, our new model did a good job !

O! Mona Lisa on Grey shirt

o, i forgot there is one more, MONA LISA RIPPED OFF ON grey tee ! you know how rare we made Grey tee so don’t sleep on this, available on WRKS webstore first ! in FK’ ing Exclusive Section

4 New Tees online

kids, back to school, we need some new tees, here you go, the first one we got the W’s Neon sign store front tee, yes thas our store front, can’t you see the top it says WRONGWROKS ? LOL.. You bought the UNIVERSITY OF FLAWS logo tee ? Well, then you need to get this … Continue reading


tonight had a photo shoot for the FHM magazine.. photographer’s cat…meow ~ my first time being shot in a studio …. and..we went to Mcdonald… FHM want me to wear my W’s cap with Ronald Mcdonald….hahaha… had a very long interview for the Oct issue, stay tuned! this is their August issue….

Copy part 2

if you are one of those thinking my doradimon not original, please check this out, Baleno continue copying all my merchandise, including swarovski bling polos and also… exact same colorways doradimon keychain…. GOD, even the phone strap are 100% exactly the same… there is a new style copying my Hikathon doradimon running tee, but when … Continue reading

Pantone mugs

saw some crazy Pantone mugs yesterday…..made me spend whole lot of money…