WRONGWROKS x 阿信 ah Shin @ REAL FAKE exhibition

ah Shin 阿信 @ STAY REAL / MAY DAY 五月天 yeah, we finally meet tonight ah Shin is working on this new work piece too ! come to the show tomorrow and check this out!

REAL FAKE – set up

the show is so rush…we are here today to set up everything we need… check that out its a GIANT figure by STAY REAL… crazy… well , 100 limited in black, see you guys tomorrow at 4:00 , to be honest, to gurannte getting this, you need to be there to line up like may … Continue reading

Melange Waffle

I need to introduce this nice place on my blog… Melange, a place for dessert, esp – WAFFLE… this is the map for you guys to check out.. line up outside the resturant like this under the sun? man you gonna wait for 2 hours ! we bought take out….of course…we not going to wait … Continue reading