Dorabob on Black Tee!

can’t wait, start the selling right at 1:00 pm… our crew worked their axx off… more people come around 1:00…. check this out, these kids bought wholebunch and then start selling outside the door… Dorabob on Black tee (guys’ size) by STAY REAL all sold out in 20 mins !!

The Line Up ?! – Real Fake 吠克藝術國際聯展‭

Opening day…we get there around 10:30… …..check these kids out… they were here since 7 am, yeah like 6 hours before the Tee releasing time…(1:00pm start selling the tees) so our crew went out and gave them stickers (for waiting this long), thanks a lot for the support for us (WRKS, STAY REAL & KEA) … Continue reading

Totoro Totorooooooo

have been looking for this for totoro for long time, saw them few days ago….so decided to get them both!


Stay tuned.