Dorabob in Black tee by STAY REAL

for those who didn’t follow the blog, this is the tee that limited to 100 and people in taiwan lined up for 6 hours and still didn’t get it…limited to 100 in black, sold out in 20 mins. Here is your last chance. very limited, check out how rare are this…

Dorabob never made in Black and this time we have this very nice 11 color silkscreen tee produced by STAY REAL (ah Shin / NO2GOOD) , comes with original plastic bag, and full set of stickers

they are all heavy made, die-cut, glossy finished, with logo and website printed on the back with matt finished,

the W wcdonald one is transparent finished too ! in this special tee set, you will get 2 sets of full stickers in a plastic envelope like above.

super nice huh ?

with REAL FAKE exhibition logo on the sleeve…

both side has 2 little strap on the shoulder (STAY REAL’s signature items on the tee)

our WRONGWROKS logo at the back…

each tee has the leather labels at the bottom of the tee…

don’t sleep on this, we only got small run for the website order, don’t email us and ask when will this re-produced because the answer is NO…

BE QUICK! in F.E section as usual.

3 Responses to “Dorabob in Black tee by STAY REAL”
  1. Danini says:

    I would like to buy this~
    May I know when will the stocks come in??

  2. steffi says:

    hello! i would like to purchase this, is it still possible?

    pls reply! thanks XD

  3. Eric says:

    i would like to know if singapore sell this product anot? how to purchase the tee…it is nice and up to trend…

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