Nana Laughs You

when i was planning the Fall tee collection, i already have this Nana tee planned and the worldwide retailers are selling them in all locations now, so its not a “NANA RIP” tee that i made to sell for this special incidence, just that i have made it and originally planned to launch in Oct, but now i guess i will have to launch this to remember nana,

it was a photo i took in the car where NANA just went to the beach with us, and she was soo happy and tired and laughing towards the camera, it was one of the best nana shots, well happiest nana photo ever, so i made into a photo tee for the FALL collection and now i will launch it, it will be available on the web store tomorrow, i showed this photo to proof that i have this shot when i was in Taipei with Dudu as model but then…

i will use this one just as it on the floor but not with someone wearing it, it was a very sad incidence, and i want people who love NANA has a chance to get this tee, it was shot as a happy photo, happy tee but now i don’t want to show it as like to celebrate this incidence,  Nana is a happy girl, she laughs , and this is NANA LAUGHS YOU TEE !

it will be online in the FKING EXCLUSIVE section, hope you guys like it.

One Response to “Nana Laughs You”
  1. cozy says:

    this is special!!!

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