New Image Art Gallery / Marsea Goldberg

Marsea & her new baby TOSHI!

her gallery, the NEW IMAGE OF ART , is one of my hotspot to visit everytime i go to L.A..

Marsea is THE GALLERY LADY, i can’t imagine the art world without Marsea, she bought in lots of talented artist and art work into the scene, not just in LA or west coast, but also in Europe and Japan… we need to believe her eye and what she think its “the next big art thing” !

(she is holding 2 wood sculpture by DATE FARMERS, cool huh…?)

i got to hold one of my fav. too, the mickey head sculpture by Date Farmers… check out what is at the back, Cleon Peterson, Faile, and more !

you have seen expensive Faile Prints, or original mixed media and collages, what about Original Paintings?  a wall piece collaborated with SWOON & Dave Ellis….

and also collaged painted wood doors in the studio by FAILE, Dave ELLIS & BAST

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