if you have a Louis Vuitton nearby, (which im sure you do..) you should check it out their new window display, they have changed to this surveillance cameras pointing either the bag, or the bag with models… its very BANKSY isn’t it? Now Louis Vuitton knows the game…. hmmm..

Arkitip x Ryan McGinness

Pick up the newest Arkitip magazine in Supreme today, this issues they collaborated with RYAN MCGINNESS. The book titled Aesthetic Comfort is published by Arkitip on the occasion of the Aesthetic Comfort exhibitions in the Fall of 2008. This artist’s book features details of McGinness’ paintings converted to coarse halftones and printed in 4 fluorescent … Continue reading

LA -> LV

beautiful morning in Los Angeles….. driving to Las Vegas the very first time, it was pretty far coz nothing in between (desert all along) and it takes about 5 hours ! OMG !


saw this in Hollywood last night…. and then i saw Robin, Black Spiderman and Wolverine chatting on the street…. Spongebob saying bye to this little mouse thingy, sorry i forget his name… and i guessed they found out i was taking photos so Bob came up and tell me “Sir no photography” Cool huh ?


I was in Marc Jacob store today and saw this giant poster on the wall, it certainly was the little headline photo on newspaper and got blow up for a wall size…. now this Obama thing is getting even bigger and attacking others…. we will see how far this “CHANGE” gonna be very soon…

Beverly Hills

was driving around Beverly Hills and just driving along the tall palm trees…… (imagine its raining and like winter already in vancouver….)