WRKS Tech. Wear Spec.

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we are launching this new series of wearable call WRKS TECH. WEAR

producing the premium quality line with this special made snowboarding/skiing jacket with 10000mm-8000Hg waterproof breakthable shell 3layer taslan/microfleece fully seamsealed / waterproof zippers

with waterproof right chest pocket, detachable hood and inner stormflap hidden mp3 pocket

its perfect for North America or Europe’s weather, where its really cold outisde and when you get in the indoor, its HOT, so you can just equipe this with a tee or a shirt inside this jacket and ready to go

with WRKS TECH. WEAR logo on the hood

reflective logo on the left chest

comes in Red/Charcoal , Black/Charcoal, and light grey with Charcoal, all with reflective embroidery logo on it, the black style with all black logos monotone on the jacket…

all this 3 stunning jacket is available now on our webstore in the FK Exclusive Section. Enjoy !

3 Responses to “WRKS Tech. Wear Spec.”
  1. Dee says:

    We love this jacket!!

  2. cynthia says:

    do you sell this at the west 4th and pine location? the grey or black one. and so it’s good for snowboarding?

  3. Ahura Mazda says:

    Man, this is just so cool! I really wanted one of these. Too bad they’re THAT expensive. >_< If it was, like, half of it's price, I'd surely buy it. Congratz on such a nice design!

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