P®LKAD©TS – Pouch Bag for Digital Cam / PSP / NDS

we got a Tote, and we got a  P®LKAD©TS – Pouch Bag for your DC camera / NDS / PSP it got a little thing to hook to your jeans or whatever you want him to hook onto LOL… so this is a new thing, we have our own patterned bag and also our logo … Continue reading

P®LKAD©TS – Tote Bag

so besides the Pouch you saw on the front page…here is more photos but not the pouch bag ! its the TOTE bag, this P®LKAD©TS – TOTE BAG filled with the ® / © and dots pattern, made with 100% water proof Nylon… unisex tote bag style, looks good with our other products from this … Continue reading


you guys should come to Vancouver to check it out at the end of Nov/Dec… why? because you see nothing ! FOGGY ! I always think there is something happen in the fog….scary…