iphone vs Blackberry Bold

when i was in Taipei in august, my iphone totally screwed it up, it has no use, i wasn’t knw that iphone 3G cannot be used OUTSIDE North America ! So i was trying to get something call turbo sim or whatever to make it works coz im flying to ASIA again and (its not … Continue reading

Let it Snow let it snow let it snow…

snow finally hits Vancouver, (well it was in Toronto since 2 weeks ago, so please don’t complain !) traffic is SO bad coz everyone is trying to go home, and driving SUPER SUPER slow, well that make sense, (i bet there was hocky game coz everyone is coming from downtown !) my car is filled … Continue reading

Swiss Chicken Wing @ Instant Noodles !

this was from few days ago but this week is very very busy, thas what it looked like before you taking a huge vacation… anyways Boo made me these very delicious wings… well these wings not by itself, it went into the Japanese instant noodle, and its SO GOOD… Thanks Boo !

谷德昭 “Dorabob in Red Heart” @ ATV

Long time no see our loyal supporter 谷德昭 @ ATV commercial special thanks to MAGGIE / MAN  @ 11 After 11