Invited to watch Kay’s show

Kay (謝安琪) & Khalil (方大同) were having a concert last night with some other Hong Kong celebs and we didn’t expect to watch it….until KAY invited us to go ! Khalil Fong 方大同 was performing his new songs, its great! and of course, Kay is the last to perform to push the entire show to … Continue reading


Hong Kong’s Mcdonald is one of the HOTSPOT i always visit, they always make exciting burgers, (forget about the ones in vancouver, they are the worst mcdonald i have ever had in my life time experience) so beside free delivery or business for 24 hours, they offer this DOUBLE FILET O FISH after 9pm everyday… … Continue reading

Hong Kong

in Hong Kong again for Xmas vacation, the good thing being in Hong Kong is when you don’t have to work and stress out in this place, come back and just eat around and chilling is what you really want, not LIVING in Hong Kong and work your ass off… (thas why i choose vancouver … Continue reading