Chet Lam 林一峰 & Jo Koo 谷祖琳

tonight meeting up with my buddy Chet Lam….@ a special location, “Little Dessert” place by Jo Koo 谷祖琳…she just opened a new dessert place in 天后 (Tin Hou) well its not official launching yet and we just checking out the place and trying all this yummy different dessert…. sorry i forget to take photos while … Continue reading

CheeseY Pork’s Neck Instant Noodle

we went to this special resturant yesterday in TST, it located inside some really old buildings… you can see its old style, and big names as most of the local resturants, BIG is everything… we ordered whatever is quick coz we have been waitin for the seats….and while i was looking at the menu about … Continue reading

Khalil Fong 方大同 – Orange Moon

Chinese pop has a boring year….beside Kay’s 2 stunning album….here you go, the one and only – ORANGE MOON by Khalil Fong (方大同) … if you asked me to pick the ALBUM of the year in female canto pop singers, its undoubtedly Kay’s BINERY …and for guys, its Khalil Fong’s ORANGE MOON (well while Eason … Continue reading