Khalil Fong 方大同【橙月 ORANGE MOON】誠品音樂會

tonight has invited to watch 方大同【橙月 ORANGE MOON】誠品音樂會

it was a outdoor concert starting around 7pm, and people start sitting here since like 2 or 3pm i heard….WOAH

it was also the first time releasing one of the Khalil ‘s music video…

it was really packed and Khalil was super busy and just saying hi and talk to us a bit at the back of stage…

Fans in Taiwan is no doubt very professional, this scene will happen in MV so i heard they provided this sparkle thingy…very nice creating the mood out there

Khalil is a very talented artist/musican/singer that not just his songs but his voice, music, performance and esp. when he is on the stage, you just totally drainned into his musics and lyrics..

concert was stopped twice because the crowd standing outside on the ROAD like you know cars are stuck and police came by to stop the show, but then its clear right away and the show continue

Thanks Khalil for all this and i hope you love the clothes too, see you later !

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